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Future nutrition.

Our story

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We are Understory. The future of protein.

We pioneer the future of nutrition. Led by passion and curiosity, we strive to be infinitely resourceful with the least amount possible.

Our novel marine peptides from Krill Euphausia Superba are the result of our innovative and patented process. They are a confirmation of our belief that in nature we can find new nutritional opportunities to improve life on our planet.


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What is Gamut

Gamut is the first product in the exclusive Understory product line. It is a complete protein in peptide form with naturally occurring minerals. It is made for innovative protein formulators and brands who wants to offer real, authentic nutrition to health-conscious consumers.


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Gamut – A versatile protein ingredient

Through our innovative and patented process, we have enhanced nutrition from a marine resource and enabled unique product development opportunities. Hence, Gamut encompasses the true meaning of the word – a versatile protein ingredient that runs the whole gamut.

  • Pure source
  • Perfect protein quality
  • With naturally occurring minerals
  • In peptide form for easy digestion


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The versatility and nutritional benefits of the peptides support multiple end-applications and consumer segments.

Nutritional benefits

  • Complete protein promoting optimal muscle health
  • In peptide form for quick, easy digestion
  • Naturally occurring magnesium, calcium, and selenium supporting a variety of vital functions
  • No gluten or dairy for sensitive systems

Functional benefits

  • Clear in solution
  • 100% soluble
  • Easy to mix
  • pH & heat stable
  • Low viscosity


We are innovators

Our story is one of aspiration for a better future. A better future as a result of refining an ancient natural resource into marine peptides, through the artistry of science.


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Would you like to be a part of the Understory? Contact us for more information on direction recipes and to explore how Gamut fits in your product portfolio.

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